About Joxfield (ProjeX)

The dynamic duo of Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek producing avant-whatever music for nice open-minded people since 1965

Labels: Tin Can Music, Bam Balam Records (France), Santos Production (Italy), Clinical Archives

Up to late 2019 the bandname was Joxfield ProjeX. At this time they decided to drop the “ProjeX” part of the name, however, and are nowadays known as just Joxfield.
Throughout the period 2016 - 2019 the main focus for Joxfield has been to compose, record and compile a thematical four-part album. This was released in Q1 2020, under the name Red White Black & Pale, on their own label Tin Can Music. Also in early 2020 Joxfield is in the process of uploading several previously released albums to streaming platforms like Spotify.

2017 - 19
In spring and summer 2017 Joxfield ProjeX started a series of Live Explorations to explore the technical and musical challenges to perform complex live music with just two persons. This is still an ongoing project.
The Tin Can Music Bandcamp site was launched for releasing/promoting music on their own label. The first release was 32 track, 4 CDR compilation called Black containing tracks made 2013-2017.
In late November 2018 – February 2019 they recorded an interpretation of the album Baroque Or Odd, a 2 CDR album that was written 50 years earlier, but never recorded, at a time they called themselves DJ&M.
In the end of 2019 the EP Fridge & Christmas Loop was released, containing a couple of unused, (revisited) tracks from a 2009 recording plus a (funny) Christmas greeting.

2015 - 16
On their 10th year as Joxfield ProjeX they did release Casino Royal on French label Bam Balam Records in February. A collaboration with singer Cotton Casino, co-founder and original member of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraise UFO. The album also features Acid Mothers' Kawabata Makoto on one track.

The vinyl LP Red to Red, featuring Japanese experimental alto sax wizard Ryoko Ono was released early 2016. It consists of two long tunes, containing both heavy beats and free floating music. Once again released on Bam Balam Records.

In 2015 Joxfield ProjeX also had three tracks on various compilations, 'No Kro Poh' on a Judy Dyble career-spanning 3 disc set, Gathering the Threads (Fifty Years of Stuff), 'Mesele Pattern' on 25 years of good clean fun... (a celebration of The Terrascope and Phil McMullen), 'China Syndrome' on Wire Tapper 38 (August 2015 issue)

2013 - 14
Two years mostly concentrating on recording a huge amount of songs for future releases. They released two strictly limited CDr on the Italian label Santos Production Invasion of the Living and What About Me?, a noisy and harsh album in collaboration with colonel XS.

There were also some archival releases, Death of a Sirloin Steak, a 3 disc set using the moniker Ambient Darkwhite, and a series of nine Archives EPs covering early Joxfield ProjeX music.

2011 - 12
In this period harsh and noisy sounds on the album VoxLuxRabaX (2011), as well as inverted dance music on Insult on the Dance Floor (2012) was released.

2007 - 10
The 3 disc set Numbers & Letters (Clinical Archives 2010) was released. This is an album including a multidtude of collaborations with artists Geoff Leigh, Pat Mastelotto, Nikke Ström, Håkan Almkvist, Sakamoto Hiromichi, Kenji Siratori, Jose Joao Loureiro, Churner and Regina P, an album they sometimes refers to as their White Album, not because of music similarities, but its vide range of music styles.

During the same period they also worked parallel with five different albums which all were released in 2009 on the Clinical Archives, one of the world's biggest net-labels for experimental music, Bits and Pieces # 1-13, Picnic, Virtual Dreams & Realities, Shimmering Mah No 1 and Phantastique

In October 2010 Smorgasbord - Oddities and Rarities 2005-2010 was released, also on CA. It was a compilation of unreleased music to celebrate Joxfield ProjeX' first 5 years.

2005 - 06
2005 was the inauguration year of Joxfield ProjeX. In early May 2005 they met in a small cottage in Dalsland, Sweden. Nothing was prepared, just Janne's keyboard and computer for recording and drum programs, Stefan's electric guitar. The week ended up with 100 minutes of instant composed music which became the 2 CDr album Dark White Morning, self-released on Tin Can Music.

Inspired by this they released new albums the following year Nothing but Sofas, Live At The Kolpebo Festival October 2005 and the 3 disc set The Pond Intermezzo.

Ancient Times
Janne and Stefan became friends in the early 60s. They shared love to music and started to make some simple tunes of their own in 1965. In 1969 they started to record their music on reel-to-reel tapes just for their own pleasure. After some heavy experimenting however, they discovered that the current music production technology was not sufficiently advanced to support their musical ideas which is why they had to wait for some 30 years before continuing in 2005.